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Expenses & Sponsorships

  Want to change a child's life AND meet him/her in Cabo?

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Your Gifts for our (your) Cabo Kids

If you seek to invest in the lives of our 50 children and families, you can send donations

to our “The Other Side of Cabo”accounts:

Zelle: 615 971 1047, The Other Side of Cabo



“The Other Side of Cabo”

614 Saratoga Drive, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Non-profit status (501c3) EIN #84-1973111, Approved June 4, 2019


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Needs and Expenses

  •  A high school diploma helps children in Mexico escape poverty.  Please consider walking with one of our children who is now (or soon will be) in high school.  We seek sponsors to help meet their expenses.  Please view our "Meet our Children" web page for details.
  • John and Teresa sought to begin teaching English language classes to our 50 kids and their family members during  Summer 2020.  But Covid has postponed these plans.  In this tourist-driven city, English language skills can lead to solid employment—not just for our children, but also for their parents.
  • Now that we have established relationships with our children and their families, we had planned to begin Summer 2020 telling  Bible stories either before or after these English language classes. A free lunch was to separate these Bible stories from our English language classes so that our Cabo families know our love for them is not tied to whether they attend a low-key "church" event.


  • We need an inexpensive way of transporting about 2,000 free jackets per year from Tennessee to Cabo.  (Do you have airline connections, or extra room in shipping containers?)
  • We have been able to meet the needs of this mission since 2014 through yard sales and your assistance.  But the needs are growing—and so are the expenses (relational activities with children in Cabo, transporting clothing & jackets to Mexico, etc.). Please see details below about how to financially walk with us to love these children and their families.
  • We need additional storage for the clothing and jackets that we bring to Mexico. A medium storage locker costs about $100 per month in Cabo San Lucas.   Thanks to Dinorah and Sol Mar Resort, this need has been met!


  • Tutoring may become necessary to help our 50 kids succeed in school and make it through high school. A permanent, safe location may become necessary.
  • Airfare is expensive! If you have frequent flyer points/miles you would like to donate, those points would be very helpful.
  • Our yard sales in Murfreesboro, TN have been the primary source of revenue for our expenses. We hope you will have items you can donate to us for those yard sales.
  • We seek to partner with other non-profit organizations and/or churches to better meet the needs of families in Cabo San Lucas.


  • There will come a time when a building might be necessary—a location for storage of clothing and jackets, a tutoring location, and perhaps food distribution. Such a building must be in a safe location—for us, as Americans, and for the children who are sometimes threatened by street thugs. (Such a structure and location is available now for about $55,000.)

A gift for your family... opportunity for

you & your children

to sponsor a child and

walk with them

 as they gain the skills to

escape poverty

by graduating

from high school  &  learning English.



              ...sponsoring a boy or girl.

              ...texting pictures & words back and forth.

              ... joining your child's family for dinner in their home! 

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