The Other Side of Cabo


By John & Teresa Bodle

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You know about the side of Cabo San Lucas with the nice beaches and upscale restaurants. You’ve seen all the videos of the music and parties.

But there’s another Cabo—The Other Side of Cabo—where physical, psychological and spiritual poverty exists.​

Yes, the physical poverty there is evidenced by the pallet homes and sewage running down the dirt neighborhood streets. But there’s the other types of poverty there, often not seen with human eyes, where hopelessness exists, persists and grows.​

It’s at this intersection of physical, psychological and spiritual poverty that we seek to provide hope for the future of 50 children and their families on…


Some of the things we’re doing each year

We are working with about 50 children and their families. We have learned that you can’t help a child finish high school and learn English (and thus escape poverty) without the support of his/her family, which often relies on their children to help earn money for food and household needs. We need sponsors for each of our kids.
We hold a Christmas party each December to bring a little hope and happiness to the lives of our 50 children. We supply SET of clothes, shoes and a toy. This party also becomes a place to begin our commitment with each child…which lasts through the end of high school (and beyond, we hope). We seek a sponsor for each of our 50 children.

Each fall we seek to meet the needs of our your adults of high school age—school uniforms, safety from gangs, transportation, and loss of household income.  Finishing high school and learning English means a probable escape from poverty.

Here’s little Oscar’s understanding of the needs of those on The Other Side (the poor side) of Cabo.


Clothing Distribution

Kids in Cabo get cold when the temperatures drop into the 60s. Seriously! There’s something that happens to the human body when you get used to warm weather, and then it turns “cold.” Maybe not cold by Tennessee standards in January, but cold for the Cabo kids. Many wear their donated jackets to bed at night to stay warm. Jackets left at school by Murfreesboro TN children have been donated to the children of Cabo. 

“This is Génesis. She lives on the “poor side” of Cabo San Lucas. Her home was one of those lost when flash flood waters hit Cabo. Help us help Génesis and 50 other children and their families in Cabo.”

– John & Teresa Bodle





2,000 jackets
We need an inexpensive way of transporting about 2,000 free jackets per year from Tennessee to Cabo. (Do you have airline connections, or extra room in shipping containers?)



We have been able to meet the needs of this mission since 2014 through yard sales and your assistance. But the needs are growing—and so are the expenses (relational activities with children in Cabo, transporting clothing & jackets to Mexico, etc.). Please see details below about how to financially walk with us to love these children and their families. If you have frequent flyer points/miles you would like to donate, those points would be very helpful.


We need additional storage for the clothing and jackets that we bring to Mexico. A medium storage locker costs about $100 per month in Cabo San Lucas. Thanks to Dinorah and Sol Mar Resort, this need has been met!



50+ children
Assist in meeting the physical needs of our 50+ children and their families in the poor side of Cabo San Lucas. Provide psychological and spiritual perspectives to motivate them toward good decisions in life.


Tutoring may become necessary to help our 50 kids succeed in school and make it through high school. A permanent, safe location may become necessary. Provide tutoring to assist them in competing high school and learning English, thus increasing their odds of escaping poverty.


IN Cabo San Lucas
We seek to partner with other non-profit organizations and/or churches to better meet the needs of families in Cabo San Lucas.